Pictures from Glentarkie Offroad centre

Photography by Clare
Glentarkie October 2010 - Ford Ranger makes it to the top of the hill

Glentarkie October 2010 - Typical pot-holes on Scottish roads

Glentarkie October 2010 - Stretch the old axles

Glentarkie October 2010 - The grand finaly is the mud slide

Glentarkie September 2010 - Jules & Gary impersonating the PG Tips chimps - Smile for the camera

Glentarkie October 2010 - Ford Ranger has to delivery the orange discovery Glentarkie October 2010 - Landrover Discovery takes a red climb to the top of the hill Glentarkie October 2010 - The calm before the storm Glentarkie October 2010 - You should never smile at a crocodile Glentarkie October 2010 - The wheel wash Hold your mouse over the thumbnail image to change this one

Glentarkie September 2010 - Clare appreciates solid ground at the top of the hill Glentarkie December 2010 - Weathergirl Laura says it might snow today Glentarkie December 2010 - Landrover Discovery pondering metre deep snow drifts Glentarkie December 2010 - Ford Ranger with white boots Glentarkie December 2010 - What a beautiful view Glentarkie December 2010 - Gary how deep is the snow ? Man it's cold up there ! Glentarkie October 2010 - Has anyone seen my wheel ? Glentarkie December 2010 - Scottish off road club searching for Santa Glentarkie December 2010 - Hi mum & dad Glentarkie December 2010 - Looks like a double diamond ski run

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